Friday, March 24, 2017

I have always enjoyed the basic look of the Rio Grande Southern plow/flanger #02.  But I have never tried to build my own version.  Finally I started and quickly ended up with this new piece of rolling stock on my layout.

I did not want to model the RGS 02 exactly so I just worked on mine until it looked "good enough" for me.

"Good enough" was never in my vocabulary until recently.

In my early days I built every model as if it would be entered into a contest.  But I rarely entered anything so I was really building for just me.

As I got older my eyesight began to fail and my skills were falling off as well so I realized that "good enough" was the best I could shoot for.

So here is my little snow plow.


  1. Your RGS 02 looks might nice - much better than "good enough" Darryl

    1. Thanks, Otto, I had fun with the build.